conflicts in neverland

UPDATE: PC issues have been resolved (for now). On a new pc and things are working pretty smoothly! See you in the stream!

Conflicts in Neverland is an online streamed performance. Within this work I will examine my naive fascination with war and conflict in the media and video game culture. During the performance I will be constructing a large 6’x6’ work pixel by pixel out of perler beads; a material I used to create crafts from as a child. The performance will act as a penance for the countless hours wasted in a haze as I drift through the digital landscape. It is a penance for passively observing hate and ignorance on the Internet but ignoring it more often than trying to address it. It will act as a penance for worshipping the role of the heroic male artist. It will act as a comment on the naive and romanticised vision of war that both video games and classical paintings often depict.

The daytime stream can be viewed here
The Night stream can be viewed here